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Why Choose Durable Lawn?

Quality Product & Worksmanship

We provide our clients with high quality artificial grass that has been tested for its durability. Your lawn will look stunning thanks to our professional installation process.

Great Value & Savings

You will enjoy a perfect green lawn that will last for many years to come without having to waste time and money on maintenance. Your investment in artificial turf will make your life and wallet much happier in the long run. 

5 Star Ratings

We have served satisfied clients all throughout the Tampa Bay area and other parts of Florida. Our dedication to our clients helped us become the #1 fastest growing artificial grass company in Tampa Bay.

Perfect Grass That Stays Green All Year Long

Homeowners and businesses all over the Tampa Bay area constantly rave about how we sculpted their property into a beautiful area that their families can enjoy anytime without worrying about the stress of maintenance.

Never Worry About Watering, Fertilizing, or Mowing

We understand the hassle that comes with trying to maintain a regular lawn. Dealing with the constant upkeep ends up costing many Floridians thousands of dollars and countless hours out of their free time. The clients we served can now enjoy a perfectly green lawn that will require almost no maintenance for many years to come.

Never Worry About Gross Lawn Insects

Anyone who lives in Florida is well aware that bugs that slithers, crawls, flies, and hides almost everywhere you go. For homeowners, their own lawn is one of their favorite spots to live since the grass and the dirt underneath is the perfect place to dwell.

Our installation process that involves the use of synthetic turf and a compacted base layer underneath it creates a sterile environment that insects don’t want to be in. You can comfortable play and lay down on your lawn without the fear of bugs sneaking up on you.

We Use Only Quality Material That Is Installed By Artificial Grass Specialists

We at Durable Lawn are dedicated to establishing ourselves as one of the premier leaders of artificial grass in the state of Florida. We pride ourselves in being able to provide you with the best quality products, the best prices, and unwavering customer service for each and every one of our clients.

Our professional team will personally work with you in every step of the process from the design to the installation. We have worked in all sorts of projects from residential, commercial, and even large athletic fields.

Hired Chris and his team to lay artificial turf and it turned out amazing. They went above and beyond and also re-landscaped my flower bed and laid patio blocks for me. Highly recommend! Great quality grass and hard workers!

Teresa Marie

I had the pleasure of working with Chris and his team to help transform my backyard from a wasteland of oak leaves and unusable space. We ordered turf and pavers to be installed. Once started, it took no time to install. The team is hardworking and truly enjoy watching their level of worksmanship.

Michael Foss

Chris and his team did a great job for us. Everything went just like they explained to us. We had a yard we could not use. Now we have a yard are dogs love and it is so easy to keep clean.. we are very pleased and would recommend them to anyone

Matt Linton

I had a wonderful experience with Durable Lawn. They turned my backyard into my own private oasis. Everything from the estimate, price, and installation was absolutely fantastic. Chris was great to work with and super responsive. He really cares about the final product and goes the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied. I would refer Durable Lawn to anyone.

Edward Maldonado

Excellent experience! We had turf installed on our condo balconies. Chris, the owner, was very responsive to all of my requests, even proactively following up afterwards to find out if we were satisfied. The team he sent out was prompt, polite, and meticulous. We are very pleased with the results.

Nona Peebles

I just had my Durable Lawn installed last week! I am truly loving the no fuss care and absolutely clean look of my backyard! My three dogs went from a state of disbelieve to enjoying wrestling matches and chasing one another. Chris and his team handled the installation in a very efficient and professional manner.

Eric Allen

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