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How Long Will The Installation Process Take?

Durable Lawn aims to complete the entire installation process in the shortest time possible while also maintaining the highest of standards. While “1 day installation” is possible for small lawns, most average sized lawns will take us between 2-4 working days. For particularly large lawn installations, the installation process may take longer depending on exact

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Will I Have To Worry About Insects?

The artificial lawn is a sterile environment so insects will never want to take residence in the lawn. Beneath the artificial grass itself, our process of topsoil excavation and the spread of compacted base layer will create conditions that will eliminate the worry of lawn bugs underneath the grass.

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How Do I Remove Leaves and Other Yard Debris From The Artificial Grass?

The debris can easily be removed using a leaf blower so the grass will always look clean and fresh. You can also use rake or broom if necessary. Other than that, you will never have to worry about watering, mowing, seeding, or fertilizing to have a perfect looking lawn that stays green for many years

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Is The Artificial Grass Child Friendly?

We at Durable Lawn are proud to have installed artificial grass for many families with children and day cares. Not only is our product soft and gentle to the touch, but it is made to be very durable for all their playtime activities. Our turf is commonly used on sports fields and is made to

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How Is The Artificial Grass Secured To The Ground?

During the preparation process, we remove the original lawn and top 3 inches of topsoil. We will then replace it with a proper layer of crushed base material that we will spread evenly and compact with a machine. Once the artificial grass is layed out on top of it and properly fitted, stretched, and cut,

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How Wide Are The Rows of Artificial Grass?

Our grass comes in rows of 15 feet wide and can be up to any distance in length. We will specifically design and install the artificial grass in a way that is as material efficient as possible and requires the fewest amount of seams. Our installation specialists do an amazing job at ensuring the the

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Will The Artificial Grass Have A Stench If Our Dog Does Its “Business” On It?

We use an infill called “Zeofill” that is specifically geared towards eliminating any odor if the dog pees on it. Our grass is well known for being “pet friendly” not just for being comfortable for the dog to lay on, but the ease at which odors can be eliminated. Since the grass has amazing drainage

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How Realistic Is The Artificial Grass?

Our artificial turf is very realistic since the manufacturing process has advanced to the point of making the most natural looking grass. We do have several choices of grass to choose from and each offers their own unique aesthetics in terms of thickness and shades of green. 

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Will Weeds Grow On My Artificial Grass?

Our excavation and installation process eliminates the worries of weeds growing through the artificial grass. If properly installed, weeds should not be able to grow through the base layer and the grass membrane of the turf itself. There are however some rare cases where birds flying overhead can drop seeds, but the conditions make it

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Can I Barbeque On My Artificial Grass?

While our grass isn’t flammable, we do not recommend putting a barbeque on your artificial lawn since extreme temperatures can singe the tips of the grass strands, so precaution is necessary.

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