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Why Artificial Lawns Have Been Trending in Tampa Bay | Durable Lawn

For homeowners all across Florida, maintaining a perfectly green lawn has always been a major headache. Lawn pests, unpredictable weather, and various plant diseases are just a few of the major challenges that residents have to deal with when it comes to just trying to maintain the their lawn. When you factor in other issues such as the costs of watering, fertilizing, and mowing, it comes to no surprise why our clients from all over the Tampa Bay area have been looking for a long term solution to all the headaches involved in maintaining their lawn.

Durable Lawn Installation For Our Client In Seminole, FL

For people with pets, spotty rain, or shady properties, maintaining a healthy green lawn is almost impossible and often times require constant sodding unless they don’t mind having the ugliest lawn in the neighborhood. As a solution to this, homeowners and business owners all over the Tampa Bay area have joined a growing trend that involves installing synthetic turf in their front and/or backyard once they learn of all the benefits of it.

Chris Lee, Owner of Durable Lawn

Chris Lee, owner of Durable Lawn, has been getting constant phone calls all across Florida from clients looking for an affordable solution to keep their lawn looking perfectly green for many years to come. “As someone who’s worked in the lawncare industry for many years, I’ve received thousands of phone calls from frustrated homeowners who had difficulty keeping their lawn looking good.” After seeing all the challenges and issues Florida residents have had when it comes to dealing with regular lawn issues, Chris eventually realized how synthetic lawns could provide a great solution to nearly all these problems. Artificial lawn stay perfectly green for many years, will never have issues from pests or plant diseases, and will never require any watering, mowing, fertilizing, or sodding.

Additional benefits our company has received from clients include the curb appeal and all the compliments they’ve received from neighbors and visiting friends or relatives. While some people have initially been skeptical about the idea of using artificial grass, their doubts eventually become quenced once they realize how realistic the grass looks along with all the benefits previously mentioned. On top of the realism of the high quality grass we use, the Durable Lawn team has always maintained a high standard of excellence when it comes to both customer service and the quality of installation to ensure the lawn looks as beautiful and seamless as possible. As homeowners ourselves with children and pets, we understand the importance and pride we get from having a safe and beautiful property that our family and visitors can enjoy.

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